Thursday, December 12, 2019

“Kill Me, Cos Nothing Would Stop Me From Coming To South Africa” – Burna Boy

Burna Boy

Nigerian Music star Burna Boy who is also being referred to as the current African giant in the entertainment industry today is feared not to expect the best of moments in South Africa.

Some citizens of South Africa currently are against the return of the African Giant for coming to the country South Africa for his musical performance.

This is coming up as a result of what Burna Boy said during the attack of Nigerians by the South African citizens in the unfortunate xenophobic attack earlier in 2019.

The African giant proclaimed that he Burna Boy would never set his legs in South Africa.

The music star recently informed his fans via his twitter page that nothing would stop him from attending the event in South Africa.

The South African citizens are demanding that the African giant must tender an apology to South Africans for what he said during the ugly xenophobic attack on the Nigerian citizens living in South Africa. Hence they request that Burna Boy should either apologize to the South African citizens or he should keep to his promise.


source – twitter

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