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How Smartphones Revolutionized Nigerian Music

How Smartphones Revolutionized Nigerian Music?

Over a decade in the past, only about 100,000 phone lines were active in Nigeria, and most of them have been state-owned landlines.

Today, Nigeria has over 100 million telephone lines, making the rustic the telecommunications marketplace in Africa.

As a consequence, Nigerian track artists not need promo campaigns, or a document company to achieve a big target audience of Nigerians locally and within the Diaspora.

Where it could be days or months for music to trip from Lagos to Abuja, smartphones have made it easier to unfold afrobeat globally.

The expanding availability and pace of broadband in Lagos with the sudden proliferation in the smartphone era have introduced computing energy within the pockets of millions of Nigerians.

Over the ultimate 5 years, data has to turn into extra obtainable via other folks’ cell phones, making it easy to shop for or download the song.

That makes a huge difference for Nigerian music, especially taking into consideration that the locals are heavy internet customers.

Nigerians also love tweeting about songs, sharing on Snapchat and other social media platforms.


In Nigeria, Whatsapp is the largest social media platform, with thousands and thousands of users the use of it to proportion betway betting guidelines, chat with buddies and also for trade.

Artists and promoters also are taking advantage of the platform to send new song and party invites dedicated crew chats.

That ignores conventional media channels and makes it easy for artists to determine a close reference to their fanatics and supporters.

While the digitization of song is making one of the crucial upcoming artistes to depend on betway Nigeria to make more money due to low gross sales, are living shows

As such, smartphones have grown to be an important tool in this sector as artistes can use them to control their social media images identical to their opposite numbers

With smartphones being more affordable than laptops in Nigeria, the expansion of cellular technology is disseminating their song to a world scale.

It additionally brings new forms of track from in all places the sector to Nigeria, inspiring new tunes and types that resonate with audiences everywhere the arena.

For example, whilst Nigerian music has been dominating the African marketplace in the final five years, native establishments still play entice beats from Atlanta despite the fact that they’re

The development of quite a lot of song apps for smartphones has additionally contributed to the expansion of the Nigerian track.

Today, you don’t want to hum the brand new Nigerian song to everyone to know the artist or name of the tune.


With products and services like Shazam figuring out virtually each and every common music on the planet, fanatics can simply uncover new songs via conserving their phone to concentrate

That makes it easy to understand what to seek when buying or downloading songs.



Music applications reminiscent of Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music have also supported the expansion of Nigerian track even though curated playlists that assist customers discover new artists.

In some instances, songwriters and artists can also advertise their songs on these platforms to get extra lovers who basically get entry to the track through their telephones.

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